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 Do you have what it takes to be W.I.S.E. agent ? 


 We are recruiting !! 

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 Mission “ Remote 



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This game was designed and created especially for remote playing from home, office or any other location with access to the internet to create truly immersive team game experience. 


Each player joins the game via laptop, desktop, iPad or iPhone. 

The mission " Remote " is being conducted completely online with the use of live video conferencing to solve the mission's puzzles in a collaborative environment while playing an exciting and fun game with your family, friends or colleagues.

Being truly a border-less experience developed with  the most advanced technologies anyone  over the age of

12 years can play the game.

The game play will require a team to select the team's leader who will play on iPad or iPhone with the rest of the team playing on tablets, laptops or PC devices.

Who should play ?

Even though this game was designed with escape room concepts in mind, everyone who loves tricky puzzles, mind games and computer mini games will find this game an exciting way to have fun, feel thrills and spend quality time with your friends, family members, coworkers or meet new people.

Either you are looking for the new fun thing with people that matters to you or to make new friends  and assemble worldwide team to stop evil SpiderTech organisation we are sure that this game will amaze you and make a positive memorable experience during the challenging times we live in.

Game Story

As a Junior Agent, you have been selected by W.I.S.E. agency to form a group with other Junior Agents in order to participate in an important mission. Save the world from SpiderTech. They have infected the world population with a mind-controlling virus and only you can stop them.

Game Modes

• Single Team      • Team Battle 


You can play as a single team of 2-6 players or to have the game set up as Team Battle with virtually unlimited number of teams.

Team mode games are designed for as many as 60 teams of 2-6 participants to play concurrently. 

Each team is competing for the highest score.

What is required to play ?

• A remote communication tool of your choice (Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Slack, Zoom and etc.)

• App Memory Space: 1GB + 2GB RAM

• WiFi Speed: 16mbit/s

• Desktop Browser: Google Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari

• iOS Version: 11+ (iPhone/iPad)

• 1+ e-mail account

• Pen & Paper

• Being a good team leader, player or person



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