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Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime with My Site Outdoor Escape Games!

Experience easy to use cutting edge technologies while playing exciting Escape Games !!

Outdoor,escape games from 2 to 2,000 concurrent players


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  • Genre: action, spy games
  • Variants Available: indoor and outdoor
  • Min Players: Max Players: 2,000
  • Difficulty Level: intermediate, customizable for private events
  • Location: Outdoor played in Times Square
  • For more info and to discuss your next event ideas please call us (844)ESCAPE2


EscapeGames.NYC is a new and exciting state of the art way to explore New York City.  

Our game tours and events have been developed using the most advanced GPS and AR

gaming technologies available worldwide.

If you live in New York or visiting the city, enjoy scavenger hunts

and solving puzzles to " Escape The Room " you will LOVE our games


EscapeGames.NYC blurs the boundary between reality and imagination and turns

New York City into your exciting playground!

WHY EscapeGames.NYC?



1. Gets people off the sofa, out of hotel rooms and away from passive forms of entertainment

2. A truly immersive experience - provides an educational exploration of the city

3. Improves creative thinking in a fully engaged activity

4. Encourages teamwork in a friendly competitive environment

5. Increases awareness

6. Experience easy to use cutting edge technologies

7. Suitable for all ages and size groups

8.  Generates shareable social media content


1. Each event can be created with custom content and number of challenges to provide ultimate flexibility

2. Integrate your logo into the gameplay to increase brand awareness 

3. Multiple ways to set up the event (F&F, Outdoor Escape Game, Quiz, Rally and Tour)

4. Real-time monitoring from your office (coming soon)

5. Each event can be customized based on location and surroundings

7. No team is too small or too big. From 5 to 1,500 concurrent players



Each game combines the elements of classic treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching and live Escape Games with Augmented Reality Technology into a new indoor/outdoor team game.

The basic gameplay is simple: You and your team travel to sites in New York City, crack tricky riddles and work together to complete your mission. Whether you interact with virtual avatars in real places or unravel tricky puzzles with your portable “Escape Room” gear, each game is an action-packed adventure for families, friends and colleagues.

Games are customizable with multiple versions that can be integrated with traditional escape room props including cipher rings, Cryptex, invisible ink/UV flashlights, combination lock boxes, and more. We can integrate historic landmarks, businesses, vehicles and live-actors for more unique adventures. We can also retrofit your office with top of the line, props that are being used by major brands in the escape room industry.

All games are running on top-of-the-line Apple tablets.


The possibilities are endless!

For additional information please request our brochure.


New York Videos

While we are actively working on creating our amazing experiences you can watch a few rare movies to find

out some interesting facts about history of New York. Hey you never know! They may help you to win one of our upcoming competitions.

Keep checking our page and subscribe to our channel because we will be adding a lot of interesting and hard

to find footage about the "Big Apple"