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 Mission “ Bow Tie

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will take you to attractions in Times Square while engaged in a highly immersive, augmented reality game!

  • Fun for tourists and locals alike  

  • Great family activity

  • Learn new facts about NYC while having fun and getting outdoors


The keys to succeeding are observation, communication and cooperation.

The world is in danger! A criminal organization has successfully recreated a dangerous virus, infecting much of the world’s population. The virus has mind-control effects on those infected. Fortunately, the virus is dormant, but it will be activated soon!

Your team must follow the clues to find the secret underground laboratory and stop the virus from spreading all over  Manhattan. 

Your GPS guided mission will take you through the Times Square, New York.

Special Instructions:  You will be provided with GPS & Augmented Reality enabled agent’s devices and dossier, but you must bring at least one fully charged smartphone with internet access.


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